Vehicle to Grid Oxford V2GO

Innovate UK Funded Project

V2GO (Vehicle-To-Grid Oxford) is an Innovate UK funded project led by EDF Energy and involves Arrival,, EO Charging, Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford University and Upside Energy.

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V2GO Project Overview

V2GO (Vehicle-To-Grid Oxford) is an Innovate UK funded project led by EDF Energy and involves Arrival,, EO Charging, Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford University and Upside Energy.

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technologies allow the energy storage capacity of Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries to be used to deliver electricity back into the grid to power homes and businesses.

The energy services provided by V2G and EVs can potentially create new revenue streams and reduce fleet operating costs.

The Aims of V2GO

  • Demonstrate Benefits

    Demonstrate the benefits of EV adoption and value of V2G and Smart Charging for fleet operators.
  • Understand The Benefits

    Compare and assess the benefits of EV adoption and V2G against existing operating systems and practices.
  • Assess the Value

    Understand how modifications to the fleet operation or charging patterns could help to optimise overall value.
  • Real World Experience

    Provide real-world experience of V2G and the technology to trial participants and stakeholders.

Why Consider V2GO

  • 01

    Reduced Costs

    Running a fleet of V2G enabled electric vehicles could offer benefits by reducing whole life costs
  • 02

    Increase Revenues

    V2G could give you a revenue from your fleet of vehicles
  • 03

    Improve Utilisation

    V2G could improve unitisation of vehicles meaning you gain more value from your fleet.
  • 04

    Help switch to EV

    V2G could support your plans for a switch to electric vehicles
  • 05

    Great PR

    V2G is a fantastic public relations opportunity
  • 06

    Reduce Emissions

    V2G will reduce CO2 and harmful emissions from your fleet

Your Chance to Get Involved in the V2GO project

  • The V2GO team aim to recruit 300+ vehicles from existing depot based commercial fleets for Phases 1 and 2 to understand their potential for being replaced with EVs and the benefits this would provide. Phase 3 of the project will then utilise 100 EVs in a real-world V2G trial.
  • We would like to speak to commercial fleet operators who are interested in the business case for EVs, seeking to understand the potential for V2G from your existing EV fleet, and discuss the following benefits of participation:

The V2GO Project Partners


15 - 20 Participants with 300 vehicles

The aim is to assess the feasibility of V2G across around 300 vehicles

100 real world demonstrators

The project will put around 100 real-world demonstrators on the UK roads

An Overview for Project Participants

What does participation involve?

The V2GO project will be delivered over three trial phases with no obligation for participating organsations to commit to all phases from the start. The involvement of a participating organisation at each stage will include:

Phase 1:  – Initial consultation with you (the customer)

  • During an initial consultation, we will explain the project to you, answer your questions and undertake a simple prequalification on the suitability of your fleet. If you are happy to proceed we will ask you to enter into a trial phase 1 and 2 participation agreement which you can withdraw from at any time.
  • Once the agreement has been signed we will undertake a semi-structured interview about your fleet vehicle usage, organisational operating strategies and fleet routines. This information will then be used to understand the benefits that fleet EVs and V2G could offer you.
  • At the end of phase 1 we will then discuss the results and option of participating in Phase 2.

Phase 2:  – Installation of GPS data loggers into your existing fleet

  • For phase 2 GPS data loggers will be provided for installation into your existing fleet. The loggers will collect information about your fleet vehicle usage to provide detailed data that will be used to assess their suitability for EV and V2G usage and future business models.
  • We will provide you with usage reports and our assessment findings, and discuss potential participation in phase 3.

Phase 3: From 2020 to 2021 – Real world V2G demonstrator

  • The final phase of the project involves using your fleet EVs for V2G with the first step being a site/depot survey to confirm suitability for our V2G charging infrastructure and eligibility for Phase 3.
  • If your fleet and site/depot are suitable we will ask you to enter into a trial phase 3 participation agreement that will enable charging infrastructure to be installed at your site at a reduced or zero cost and participation in the V2G demonstration. We are anticipating up to 10 vehicles for each site/depot for Phase 3.
Something to Consider

Vehicle to Grid Could Reduce your Costs and Give You A Revenue Stream