About the Consortium Partners

Oxfordshire County Council:

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) is responsible for providing many key services across Oxfordshire including highways and energy strategy. OCC have embedded a commitment to support new technology that delivers new mobility models within its Science Transit Strategy with EVs being integral to that.

OCC are building a geo-spatial model to understand the economic, environmental and energy impacts of widescale adoption of vehicle to grid together with the local policy and regulatory framework that is required to maximise the benefits this can bring.

EDF Energy: 

EDF Energy (EDFE) is one of the main UK’s producer of low-carbon electricity in Great Britain. The R&D UK Centre has also expertise in energy systems modelling, distributed generation, battery storage, EVs, Demand Side Response (DSR), smart meters and disaggregation.

EDFE will manage the project and provide technical, commercial, policy, and legal expertise to the consortium. 

University of Oxford Energy & Power Group & Transport Studies Unit:

The Energy and Power Group brings expertise applying advanced modelling, control and optimisation methods to solve research challenges for power systems, power electronics and battery technology. The Energy and Power Group will study the economic aspect of V2G, with a focus on the V2G impact on the battery and considering mechanisms to increase profitability from V2G.

The Transport Studies Unit (TSU) is an institute for research on developments in transport and mobility. The focus is on the social, economic and environmental implications of transport over time and space. The TSU will study the implementation of V2G in the daily practices of fleet managers and drivers. They will also evaluate the social and economic viability of different V2G business models.


Arrival is a technology company fuelled by the ambition to make EVs the new normal. Driven by a team curated from the world’s most renowned technology and automotive brands, Arrival have taken a blank canvas and turned it into something extraordinary. Designed from the ground up, Arrival has created electric vehicles as they should be – simple, smart, modular. One skateboard platform, easily scaled, easily manufactured, easily turned into multiple vehicle types. This completely unique approach is what will pave the way to delivering premium, autonomous ready, electric vehicles on mass without a premium price tag. 

Arrival will be developing the vehicle-to-grid enabled light commercial vehicle for project V2GO. This will be used for the real life assessment of V2G.

EO Charging:

A British manufacturer of smart-charging hardware and software designed for homes, workplaces & destinations. EO’s Charging products are all AC, offering single phase up to 7kW and three phases up to 22kW and already capable of dynamic load management and remote access/over the air updates required for managing many EV chargers. EO will incorporate the V2G software and hardware requirements defined within the V2GO project into their next fleet charging product release to support the real-world trials.

Upside Energy:

Upside Energy is one of the most innovative players in the UK’s energy system, e.g. winning 2017 Shell Springboard prize for low carbon innovation. 

Their award-winning cloud-based platform provides customers with a way to capitalise on new opportunities, while supporting an acceleration in the use of renewable technologies, and overall helping to create a more sustainable and efficient power network.

Upside will provide business models and cloud systems to orchestrate Demand Side Response (DSR) flexibility for the energy system.


CleanCar is specialised in GPS data, Big Data and Data Analytics.

They are helping businesses to make the switch to Electric Vehicles, by measuring how they use their vehicles and showing the benefits of making the switch to Electric. CleanCar will be developed upon to increase its functionality to include analysis for V2G beyond its current capabilities of EV and Smartcharge/Smartgrid analysis.

Vehicle to Grid Oxford –Use of Data

Vehicle to Grid Oxford (V2GO) is an Innovate UK funded project. It is led by EDF Energy and involves Arrival, CleanCar.io, EO Charging, Oxfordshire County Council, Upside Energy and the University of Oxford.

You can see our website for details: https://v2go.org

Data Collected

GPS location data will be collected. This will be the vehicle location (latitude and longitude) at a given time.

Use of the Data

The data will be used for research. Examples of research topics include:

  • Understanding driving patterns
  • Assessing whether the vehicle could be switched to an electric vehicle

Data Privacy

  • We will not know who was driving the vehicle.
  • You don’t have to agree to take part, you can also withdraw
  • Results may be published in academic journals or other outlets.
  • The data will be kept for as long as necessary for research on a secure server.
  • Anonymised data might be used in future studies, and might be shared with selected other researchers.
  • An Oxford University Research Ethics committee has approved this research project. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]